Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let's enjoy cake!

Went back and touched up the previous models I've worked on for thesis... although, I'll need to do some final-ok-stop-now-its-just-right things before I can rest easy about them... and then the new stuff: Sam (the lanky emo kid) and Keith (construction worker...). I made Keith first and then with his topology being way better than his hero form, I adjusted the hero too. Today's work was Sam... still got things to tweak as well but this is it for now. I'm pretty happy with the way they've come out... but I'm also very sleepy right now. G'morning...

Also, Thank you Team Fortress 2 for being a great inspiration and an awesome visual reference... and a really super crazy fun game! Now I have a glowing orange-box sitting there screaming at me... but no-! I musn't!... must resist for the moment! Got much too much work to do~!

p.p.s - Portal is so way trippy cool. :O


dae lee said...
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dae lee said...

keith looks awesome!!
cant believe you got so far with sam already too!
just the librarian left and you got the team :D
so awesome *_*

wtCrossing said...

YA WOOO Looking really good does the construction worker have a way to put the stubble back on when he gets out of super hero mode? ~hehe~ staying true to the drawings i like how the clothes came out alot.

Is portal good? havent tried it out yet or the new installment in the HL2 chronicles. We should make a TFC2 clan called [TP]-for "Thesis Procrastinators" so every time our name pops up it would kind of remind us...