Wednesday, December 9, 2009

as of late

I was reluctant to post new colored art ever since being annoyed at how picasa makes pictures ugly (I could go through a roundabout way and use a photobucket account but rather not), and also have still been thinking that my blog is now very redundant to my Deviantart, but I'll post these up any how. I know some people try the "I'll post stuff on my blog that's not on DA" technique but I don't think it does too well. These are a few of the two last things I drew that are not secrets...

as of late, a large percentage of my art is all art that cannot be shown, from stuff at work, to various projects done at home, and it's been some cool and fun stuff. Sorry for the tease, but just can't show it. So, when I do sit down to work on my own thing, I either work on "Tenants", or try to get another speed paint done, and I hope that can keep my own personal art fire going too. You can check them out on my Deviantart of course.

These two artworks were submissions to chiustream! The snowing pic won me a sketch from Coro, for his topic "homeless fighter"! :D The one with the woman was for the Tim Sale contest with the theme "loneliness", but he didn't get to see it since I did not get enough peer votes to make top 3. Win some and lose some... ya?