Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Finished making the leader character, Sam, in his hero form on Tuesday. It's really exciting to see the characters transform from 2D to 3D. Like the librarian, there are still things to be tweaked and done, but here is a preview shot! Also, he's not rigged yet, I just did a quick temp one for posing for the pictures. Dave played around with it and made that cool reclining pose, tanks man! Then I used a set from an old homework assignment to place him in. Looks like Sam is taking a long needed break from fighting villains and monsters.

Hope he looks cool to ya'll~ later!


wtCrossing said...
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wtCrossing said...

Hot tamales dig that crazy hot rod paint job on his poncho and that Hat screams action and speed its like an arrow head~air-o dynamics~nice concept

( i deleted a post cause i made a type-o =| )