Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Going back to late 2007, these are artworks I created for contests. I think these are all the contests I entered actually from then till now. The top image is my Darkstalkers Tribute book entry which made it in!
The bottom image was for a contest on Deviantart that won me my first ever subscription to DA. In between are entries that didn't win but were still fun to make and take part in.
When I look at these entries, I see an affirmation of the fact that I am constantly growing and experimenting in my art and use of style. In some entries I was more paying homage to the styles I admire (while always adding myself in there) and in others it's more of a reflection of my style development at the time.

I don't really do contests all that much, but there's something about putting oneself out there, on the line, showing what you can do with the given amount of time, waiting to see if you've made it far- that is really awesome. Seeing other entries produced for the same contest is also always a treat and constantly challenges you to do your best. Best of all, getting feedback from peers and the judges is exciting. I'm thinking of entering another one soon just to keep myself sharp.

p.s.- I've never said it before, but it seems like picasa, the image account for us blogspot users, is messing with the image quality. Unfortunately a lot of my artwork here is dampened in quality (by ALOT!). Well, you guys can always venture over to my DA account to get the best view. cheers.