Thursday, May 28, 2009


and some old sketches here

Lil descriptions can be found at deviantart, sorry too tired (lazy...) to copy and paste em here. But what I can do here is actually blog! Things have been really busy these days. First I moved from NY to NJ. It was a smooth move but now I'm house-locked. No way to get around. I'm sorta thinking of getting a bycicle...hmmm. Anyways, for a while now I've been working on multiple projects, lots of stuff to do and so little time. At heart, I know to be very greatful to have work at this time, but mentally I start turning into a zombie... and that's no good! So I gotta keep my own thing going. On my deviantart, I started a webcomic. Despite all the "Moth" stuff I draw, I'm doing a comic called "Tenants" first... it's just in pencil and loose to help me get used to making a story publically, regularly updating at least 1 page a week usually on saturday. It's going well so far, check it out and lemme know what ya think too, I'd appreciate it.

I just found this duo band "Matt & Kim" and I really like their music. Very upbeat and fun. I just want to get up and jump around and play on my keyboard too. Somebody wanna join me and jam? It's ok, I don't have any experience there either. It's not too late to start! ohh, and speaking of music, I recently began making songs on the comp again.

What else... well nothing can beat the nice nature all around me now, and family is here which is great, but I have definitely been missing NY and my friends there a lot.

Time for some shut eye, night!