Thursday, March 18, 2010

dual spike head man

The night started with drawing two hand poses because I really need to work on hands a lot more, but I detoured to filling the page with Robins of varying full body action poses because I also need to practice more gestures and less portraits (my go-to when lacking other inspiration), and then I started to try Batman but this strange bowing pose came out and was rather frustrating so the head shots returned to end things on a less stressful note. Bottom left corner is my own Bruce, gal in the hat is a Pamela Isley, and the rest are straight forward... well, there's that weird lady which started out as a Selena variant (hey maybe she's in disguise?) but it just looks like an older evil Mathilda from "Leon". Still so much to practice, yep yep... so superheroes can help me out since I won't have to worry about designing or complex clothing so much... just focus on gesture and retain some resemblance to the heroes for fun... like my "Robins" turned out to be a pack of spikey haired wannabes... Tim would destroy them.