Wednesday, December 9, 2009

as of late

I was reluctant to post new colored art ever since being annoyed at how picasa makes pictures ugly (I could go through a roundabout way and use a photobucket account but rather not), and also have still been thinking that my blog is now very redundant to my Deviantart, but I'll post these up any how. I know some people try the "I'll post stuff on my blog that's not on DA" technique but I don't think it does too well. These are a few of the two last things I drew that are not secrets...

as of late, a large percentage of my art is all art that cannot be shown, from stuff at work, to various projects done at home, and it's been some cool and fun stuff. Sorry for the tease, but just can't show it. So, when I do sit down to work on my own thing, I either work on "Tenants", or try to get another speed paint done, and I hope that can keep my own personal art fire going too. You can check them out on my Deviantart of course.

These two artworks were submissions to chiustream! The snowing pic won me a sketch from Coro, for his topic "homeless fighter"! :D The one with the woman was for the Tim Sale contest with the theme "loneliness", but he didn't get to see it since I did not get enough peer votes to make top 3. Win some and lose some... ya?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

bayonetta contest entry

Hi guys, I entered sega's "bayonetta re-envisioned" contest and it works on a voting system. If you like mine please vote for me in the poll at the bottom of the page:


vote "eric huang" :). Thanks in advance for any help to come!
Hope you like this piece.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Going back to late 2007, these are artworks I created for contests. I think these are all the contests I entered actually from then till now. The top image is my Darkstalkers Tribute book entry which made it in!
The bottom image was for a contest on Deviantart that won me my first ever subscription to DA. In between are entries that didn't win but were still fun to make and take part in.
When I look at these entries, I see an affirmation of the fact that I am constantly growing and experimenting in my art and use of style. In some entries I was more paying homage to the styles I admire (while always adding myself in there) and in others it's more of a reflection of my style development at the time.

I don't really do contests all that much, but there's something about putting oneself out there, on the line, showing what you can do with the given amount of time, waiting to see if you've made it far- that is really awesome. Seeing other entries produced for the same contest is also always a treat and constantly challenges you to do your best. Best of all, getting feedback from peers and the judges is exciting. I'm thinking of entering another one soon just to keep myself sharp.

p.s.- I've never said it before, but it seems like picasa, the image account for us blogspot users, is messing with the image quality. Unfortunately a lot of my artwork here is dampened in quality (by ALOT!). Well, you guys can always venture over to my DA account to get the best view. cheers.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


and some old sketches here

Lil descriptions can be found at deviantart, sorry too tired (lazy...) to copy and paste em here. But what I can do here is actually blog! Things have been really busy these days. First I moved from NY to NJ. It was a smooth move but now I'm house-locked. No way to get around. I'm sorta thinking of getting a bycicle...hmmm. Anyways, for a while now I've been working on multiple projects, lots of stuff to do and so little time. At heart, I know to be very greatful to have work at this time, but mentally I start turning into a zombie... and that's no good! So I gotta keep my own thing going. On my deviantart, I started a webcomic. Despite all the "Moth" stuff I draw, I'm doing a comic called "Tenants" first... it's just in pencil and loose to help me get used to making a story publically, regularly updating at least 1 page a week usually on saturday. It's going well so far, check it out and lemme know what ya think too, I'd appreciate it.

I just found this duo band "Matt & Kim" and I really like their music. Very upbeat and fun. I just want to get up and jump around and play on my keyboard too. Somebody wanna join me and jam? It's ok, I don't have any experience there either. It's not too late to start! ohh, and speaking of music, I recently began making songs on the comp again.

What else... well nothing can beat the nice nature all around me now, and family is here which is great, but I have definitely been missing NY and my friends there a lot.

Time for some shut eye, night!

Friday, March 20, 2009


More "just wait, let me catch my breath" doodles to loosen up and just have fun. The x-men stuff is my repsonse to recently seeing Jean Giruaud a.k.a. "Moebius" comics and artwork which is believed to inspire some of Panzer Dragoon's art direction (that's a series of video games that have this really deep world to it and amazing designs... check it out yo). Was looking at Panzer Dargoon stuff because of my longing to work on my own mech story that is heavily influenced by it. So, with that inspiration I set to trying to do some more abstract ancient and alien looking x-men but only scratched the surface... I like the result but it's far too neon than what I had intended.

A few days before that I'd done a simple bunch of busts from the beloved Venture Bros series after I had seen all of season 3. The characters are very fun to draw.

In other news, I made it into the Udon Darkstalkers Tribute book! So please look for my contribution when it comes out around the end of summer.

just a moment

After working day by day without doing anything of my own, it gets obviously stiffling... so to catch some fresh air I did these three quick designs all in one day. I'm most happy with the top drawing. You can check out my deviantart for little more info on them since I'm a sucker for making at least a brief line of story for a character design even if they're not encompassed in a developed world.

sketchy squares

These were done over at a friend's forum... the same series of topics which lead to my new years gifts, and the man with no name drawing. The topics from top to bottom are: Perspective, food you want to eat at the moment (that was my idea :D), big hair.


These are some artworks I did for different companies and projects. I am happy to share them even though they aren't actually used in the end because I put my all into them and really like how they turned out. Hope you like them!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Tradition colored

Before we reached the end of January 2009, I wanted to finish coloring this one. I made good on my word, see? Although the holiday spirit is faded by now, I hope you will all still enjoy this piece. I wish everyone an awesome 2009 year!

Friday, January 16, 2009


... this week the topic with my friends was "zombies". My favorite zombie has gotta be Zabel Zarock, or Lord Raptor in US... so this was a quick doodle. That eyeball thing is his sidekick so to say. This is a good segway into working on contest pieces for Udon's Darkstalkers Tribute book. I'll try my best and hope for the best.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


There was a topic amongst my friends to "draw the most manliest thing you can possibly imagine."

... so I went with "Blondie". Maybe I didn't draw the most manliest thing... but I have no regrets. He is the man. Hope you like it!