Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let's enjoy cake!

Went back and touched up the previous models I've worked on for thesis... although, I'll need to do some final-ok-stop-now-its-just-right things before I can rest easy about them... and then the new stuff: Sam (the lanky emo kid) and Keith (construction worker...). I made Keith first and then with his topology being way better than his hero form, I adjusted the hero too. Today's work was Sam... still got things to tweak as well but this is it for now. I'm pretty happy with the way they've come out... but I'm also very sleepy right now. G'morning...

Also, Thank you Team Fortress 2 for being a great inspiration and an awesome visual reference... and a really super crazy fun game! Now I have a glowing orange-box sitting there screaming at me... but no-! I musn't!... must resist for the moment! Got much too much work to do~!

p.p.s - Portal is so way trippy cool. :O

Thursday, October 11, 2007


So a while ago I came up with a lil story called "Tenants" after I was doodling some random characters. Here's three that I made at once, and I hope to keep making more sometime. It's a really nice way to get some busy mental energy focused into something fun and not work related- haha. I imagine this could be a comic of some sort. I have the basic plot outlined but I won't bog ya down with it here- ask me about it sometime if you're interested. ;) Or, maybe as more developments come up I'll go more into detail... but this is all stuff that can only be done in the little spare time there is after thesis takes up most of it (or... should... uhm).

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Finished making the leader character, Sam, in his hero form on Tuesday. It's really exciting to see the characters transform from 2D to 3D. Like the librarian, there are still things to be tweaked and done, but here is a preview shot! Also, he's not rigged yet, I just did a quick temp one for posing for the pictures. Dave played around with it and made that cool reclining pose, tanks man! Then I used a set from an old homework assignment to place him in. Looks like Sam is taking a long needed break from fighting villains and monsters.

Hope he looks cool to ya'll~ later!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Librarian Henshin

Yatta~! My first model is on its way. Still have to do some final touches, and then get to UVing. I dunno if I'll be painting many atlas map textures or relying more on shaders, and I'd also like to mudbox this for some cloth wrinkles and all those extra lil' details to polish it off. I still have so much to learn about things like that...

Even so, I couldn't help but do some quick test renders with some freeware shaders and make some fun comps. Oh yeah, and I just tried out nCloth for the first time today (just a tip of the iceberg play), that's how I got the scarf flowing! I didn't paint those folds into the scarf, they just came out naturally in maya. I'm so amazed at the awsome-ness of this vast program of which I am an ant.

Well, Hope you like 'em!
...I need to learn more!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Coloring heroes

I colored two illustrations today for some relaxation and concentration. It's fun to draw these guys as if I was doing fanart or something... but- they're my own super heroes! In the thesis itself, I need to concentrate on the specific story + action there... but when it comes to these drawings, I can just have fun and play with the characters and their personalities come out even more... let's just hope all that character will really show through in the thesis!

What's that blue thing? Well- you'll see soon! Enjoy!