Thursday, October 11, 2007


So a while ago I came up with a lil story called "Tenants" after I was doodling some random characters. Here's three that I made at once, and I hope to keep making more sometime. It's a really nice way to get some busy mental energy focused into something fun and not work related- haha. I imagine this could be a comic of some sort. I have the basic plot outlined but I won't bog ya down with it here- ask me about it sometime if you're interested. ;) Or, maybe as more developments come up I'll go more into detail... but this is all stuff that can only be done in the little spare time there is after thesis takes up most of it (or... should... uhm).


Christine said...

finally a blog!

wtCrossing said...

Did you ever read a book called the golden compass? because judging only from the illustrations it seems like there might be a similarity. In one of the worlds in the book everyone has an outside manifestation of their soul which takes the form of an animal, and that animal reflects the persons personality and what not. It morphs through out their youth and in the teens starts solidifying into one form...I see the little animals in the shadows not sure if that was just a nice way to illustrate their pets or if theres more to it...

dae lee said...

the first guy is groooss
the texture of his skin..=_=
cool beans eric! thumbs up

also awesome job with the emo gunslinger sam model, cant wait till you make the third and put them all in the same frame :U crazy

dae lee said...

moar work! moar!
that's the way the real world works man,
supply and demand.
and i demand MOAR