Saturday, October 6, 2007

Librarian Henshin

Yatta~! My first model is on its way. Still have to do some final touches, and then get to UVing. I dunno if I'll be painting many atlas map textures or relying more on shaders, and I'd also like to mudbox this for some cloth wrinkles and all those extra lil' details to polish it off. I still have so much to learn about things like that...

Even so, I couldn't help but do some quick test renders with some freeware shaders and make some fun comps. Oh yeah, and I just tried out nCloth for the first time today (just a tip of the iceberg play), that's how I got the scarf flowing! I didn't paint those folds into the scarf, they just came out naturally in maya. I'm so amazed at the awsome-ness of this vast program of which I am an ant.

Well, Hope you like 'em!
...I need to learn more!!!


David Han said...

awesome, i like both pics a lot. the scarf really adds a lot to the model, and the 3d translation of your drawings came out really well. keep it up!

dan lee said...

"ooo look at meee, i'm erric
makin thinnggs,
in twenty secondsss in what dae can do in NEVERRR,

cool beans DAWG

wtCrossing said...

Very cool, great character designs man. Really really lively! intently waiting to find out what story rallies these characters from such seemingly different walks of life, together. together to fight...

and that blue things got me curious
ill save my guesses though