Friday, November 2, 2007

action figures!

Howdy folks. I've been working on blocking in the environment and doing texture + lighting tests with it. I also finished UVing Keith and tried seeing what giving him a painted texture look would be like (thank you Will for the link to Ben Fiquet which inspired the painterly style... although mine isn't on his level haha). I tried out this "SSS fake" as well and the results are pretty neat although I haven't played with it much.

There in the middle is all the characters just thrown in together so I could take this pic. There's Read (the girl). Yay. This reminds me of looking at a shelf of toys. Oh, and Sam's poncho is up like that cuz it's the default pose before it gets nClothed.

Last weekend I reworked the fight scene so I'll have to storyboard out the newer and better version. Much thanks to Dave for helping me out with the choreography and camera shot ideas, brainstorming with me and helping me make sure the fight becomes more polished. Reworking the fight scene also has cut down on some of the scary tough animations I would have had to do... whew!

Well that's all for now~ hope you like the new shots!


dae lee said...

mm had to scrape up all the small pieces of scattered brain matter from when my brain exploded as soon as i saw your entry

dang mann, it's happening!!
i'm reallly excited!
awesome workins

DaveH said...

Sweet! Keep up the awesome work and thanks for posting!

Christine said...

Looking good, I love the color choices. :D

wtCrossing said...

hey i never commented on this. everything is looking great man! i like the sky in your environment and it seems like your characters are really coming to life

keep it up