Sunday, December 2, 2007

sam keith & read...

...are rigged and ready to go~! They've been weighted to the tasks that will be needed of them and so that helped to make things quicker though I did face quite a few obstacles. The blendshapes for their expressions are also completed (I am so happy Read just needs eyebrow movements... that's all there is to it)! Here's just a little snapshot of them in poses. Unfortunately, you can't see from just this that Read has eyebrows (they're completely invisible here... that'll need shaders to help out) and if you notice, Sam's chewin' on a toothpick.

After I complete a rig I usually will show it to Dave and he'll test it out and pose it to see what works well or doesn't work well while having fun with the character. It's really cool being able to get feedback on the rigs like that. The first two neat poses there are actually his playing around with the rig... and then there is my wonderfully uninspired Read pose... haha. Hope you're liking the progress- I will do my best to animate the shots that have these "civilian" versions in them and get those completed.

In other news, thanks to Dae I finally got to see all of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan! Its such a mind blowing anime and its been a great big help in inspiring me for thesis. I'd really like to use some techniques for explosions, speed lines, backgrounds, and dust clouds that I've seen in the show, and maybe even convey a similar energy the show gives off in my final thesis through the fight scene that will take place. I already wanted to have a lot of dynamic energy in my thesis to begin with, and then there came along Gurren Lagan and it's now challenged me to push everything further!