Saturday, January 26, 2008

catch the 3:10

today's lil' bit of progress. :) I hope the train station makes a cool impression with the graffiti.

Monday, January 21, 2008

ants in pants in rants

Working better and better as the mind sharpens towards the goal... blurry, but getting clearer. Concentration... need to level up in that. The age old battle between what one feels like doing (drawing cartoons) and what one should be doing (thesis) has been at it again but I will try my best to prioritize. After a better and slightly longer work day than yesterday, I ended it with a doodle (well, I need that outlet right?). The convoluted background is a slightly more updated render with shop signs! Don't mind my doodles all over the picture... I was actually trying out to see what colors and additional models/elements may be needed, like giant satellite dishes!... ???

p.s.- I still think some sort of 2d animation elements would be amazing for this thesis. But that's just a whiff of a thought- gotta focus on my 3d right now!

Friday, January 18, 2008

To arms!

Are you guys getting tired of my dolled up renders? I kind of am. With not so much as two months still left for thesis I am working on getting shaders and textures done so I can render the front animation portions while still being able to move forward with the animations. Since I am focusing on the environment for the time being I still won't show any animations yet- but I thank you guys who did get to see what I have in the labs and whom all gave kind feedback and constructive input! I am pretty much done with the animation of the civillian side of things (the whole intro being their everyday-sides first)- so it's up to the heroe-sides to finish the job now. Just Keith is left to be finished with blendshapes and weighting then the whole team is golden. And... an egg... one vicious alien-laser-spewing-egg is looming over me. After I complete the environment's textures I'll finish up the characters' textures too... gotta get to some test renders quick to debug if need be.

Anyhow- up there are three more further developed concept/renders to close in on just how exactly I want this intangible-amorphous thing to finally look. But- as we all know, the word "final" is nowhere near these images either, but it's certainly more than the starters I had when I first made this blog! Cheers to progress~ of any kind, big and small! Since these were just mock ups, I just used old renders of the characters and so those are not the latest of the models (sorry). Only the town is updated there.

Winter break was lovely- oh so lovely, but no more. To arms brothers~ let's go slay some monster theses! ("thesis" in plural form, I have just learned from, is "theses"... but I still like to blurt out thesisisiss or thesiIIiiii...)

-later all, lemme know what you think of the LOOK! W.I.P. look mind you~