Sunday, April 6, 2008

check point save

Thesis was outputted to DV tape on Monday and that went well all things considered- a huge hurdle has been made! For those of you who are saying, "outputDVwha?", basically a finished version was handed in that is to be shown to faculty, classmates, and industry reps at the first screening. This is for successful graduation. In the meantime, a second more polished version of thesis will be worked on and then I hope to once and for all really feel done, posting it online and all that jazz. Wooo! I feel bad for not showing you guys any little animation previews or render previews along the way, but I needed to focus 100% on getting done without much distraction... and it worked! Now I can sorta get back to all those internety things- yay! Plus, I just felt I wouldn't do justice to the short film unless I could show it in it's entirety (didn't wanna give anything away ;P ). So, gotta wait a bit longer, and work just that extra bit... then everything will be dandy!

Oh, and the picture above is a doodle I just made since I feel awkward posting only text here. Even robots make art...?!


dae lee said...

haha i love that picture.
congrats to you guys for all the hard work!
i can't wait to see your thesis :U

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

dwh said...

Haha, that picture warms the heart. ^_^

Patiently waiting . . .

Allen said...


So I was just poking around your deviant art today and I was like maybe I'll make a deviant and throw my tiny tiny handful of pictures up just for fun... but apparently our ip or service provider or something is banned and I can't make an account lol.