Saturday, February 23, 2008

Have fun!

This is mainly for you guys who don't know about my personal art. Plus, I thought I would mix it up a bit and post something other than thesis work (but I am still working on that of course, you better believe it!). Here are some artworks I've done in 2007 and some now in 2008. You can find these artworks and others I've done on my deviantart page here:

Lemme know what you think~ I hope you guys like it!


dae lee said...

cools cool
i'm always checkin up on your deviant art, keep it up!

Kevin H.Y. Shen said...

Great works man. I especially like the rocket-girl and the caricatures you've got on deviantart.

Joe Karg said...

Cool images man. That top Flash one is my fave. Great design and super dynamic.

Way to go,

DaveHan said...

wow what is up with this spam...
but anywho, sweet stuff. :D
Still like that robin and clayface picture tons.

Bahne said...

Great work, great art :P