Thursday, April 10, 2008

spag het ti

Today was my first time to the Central Park Zoo. It's pretty neat and I find it very beautiful. It's small but after all it's a zoo within a park, within Manhattan, so it's a fine size. I saw most of the animals and especially liked the tamarin monkeys and polar bears, although no snow monkeys were showing (they were cleaning the area). I also finally saw red pandas in person- finally! The only thing was... they were sleeping. They are mostly nocturnal so its understandable, and they were still super cute... got two sketches of them.

After that, I tossed a frisbee around with Will (the frisbee sensei!) in the park itself. The weather was so awesome.

Then my roomate and I spontaneously made lasagna! Yummeh!

Yesterday, I got "Professor Layton" for DS. The art direction is really charming, and totally my kind of game. I like the little animated cut scenes and the puzzles are fun... I just wish I was smarter.

It's great to be at this stage in senior year... not much time left... I make it sound like summer vacation has broken loose but don't get me wrong, I'm totally anxious about a ton of different things and got a large bundle of work I have to finish which is unsettling (demo reels, polished finalized thesis, gallery exhibit preparations, small concept art stuff... planning my future...).

That term, "THE FUTURE" has never felt closer... truly like a door a few paces ahead waiting to be opened. I gotta get myself in order.

The image above is a random doodle. I wanted to try using a western theme but amping the colors... the result is a spaghetti sauce looking piece.


Mayshing said...

Spaghetti souce. XDDD

dae lee said...

cool! i want to visit the central park zoo..the bronx zoo too.
good to know a big weight was lifted off your shoulders and tying loose ends. neat sketch, and i cant wait to see your thesis!

DaveHan said...

central park zoo is pretty cool. too bad the red pandas were sleeping though. O_o next time you go you should steal one and domesticate it. heheh...nice picture, I think its different from what I usually see you make, and spaghetti sauce colors work pretty well

marimo said...

I want to go to the zoo and sketch animals too!!
can you believe you only have three weeks left?!

by the way, this is kasumi...