Friday, February 15, 2008


Yay. This is my first test render shot (just this single frame for now) that has this degree of finish with a completed background and completed character with completed animation all here. It's pretty much a shot that could be rendered out completely if not for the constant revisions that can always be made to things. It's just a test after all... doesn't feel super final or concrete but it's getting there.

A note on the books: I don't know who made those beautiful book spines but I give them credit for their wonderfulness... Those are taken from various stock images which I then adjusted as needed to fit my thesis' look and colors, and then applied to the polys... but for the most part they are intact from how the look in the original photos. And there you go- some kind of magic trick revealed... I guess??? (I just needed to say that because I'd feel a bit guilty if people thought I painted those one by one... oh no nooo....)

Keep working hard everyone we can do it. I really hope you like the look of this shot.


dae lee said...

i love the atmosphere and the lighting--perfect for the character Read :P
i also like the large chinese chess board on the wall haha

DaveHan said...

sweet, everything looks great including the books. i like the silence and the warm rays of sun shining through. the colors and post work look great as well, keep it up!

dwh said...
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dwh said...

Wow, sweet!
I didn't realize you were going to have interiors too!