Monday, February 18, 2008 a theater near you!

Today was the submission deadline for thesis poster images. You were allowed to submit as many as you wanted for consideration, and even make images for postcards- but I put all my time into this one poster. I hope that it will be selected- if so, there will be a huge glossy poster in the SVA Computer Art building on one of the walls... so wish me luck!

This image makes me really happy, and I'm so pleased with how things came out... it's like, a symbol that I've accomplished something big so far... but of course, I've still got a long ways to go in this short time left. I want to see these guys moving on screen and beyond these still images in their final renders already!



dae lee said...

dude! awesome!
your characters have so much life in them, it's amazing. it BETTER be selected so i can see it on the wall!

dwh said...

Great work! I really like the expressions. Do you have a work-in-progress title in mind yet?

Christine said...

Best of wishes!

Gingashi said...

thanks guys~! Ya make me feel really happy to during this crazy pile of work. haha.

To dave- the only working title so far is "Henshin Folk"... but still not sure.

wtCrossing said...

Really nice, love read and the emo guy...(cant think of his name sorry) expressions! ill keep my fingers crossed for you man