Sunday, January 11, 2009


There was a topic amongst my friends to "draw the most manliest thing you can possibly imagine."

... so I went with "Blondie". Maybe I didn't draw the most manliest thing... but I have no regrets. He is the man. Hope you like it!


dwh said...

This is a terrific tribute that immediately summons Blondie to mind while in your own style. If there was any icon to push The Flash off your deviant-art front page, this is a great one. ;)

It's also timely because Eastwood is being praised for Grand Torino (haven't seen it yet, though). This looks better than the actual comic series for The Man With No Name.

I love the paper techniques here and in the Goku picture.

wtCrossing said...

Clint is the manliest man. and Gran Torinio is the manliest movie period. i saw it twice and im more manly for it.

Gingashi said...

thanks guys- glad it agrees with ya. Also, now I am interested in seeing that movie- heard good things.