Friday, March 20, 2009


More "just wait, let me catch my breath" doodles to loosen up and just have fun. The x-men stuff is my repsonse to recently seeing Jean Giruaud a.k.a. "Moebius" comics and artwork which is believed to inspire some of Panzer Dragoon's art direction (that's a series of video games that have this really deep world to it and amazing designs... check it out yo). Was looking at Panzer Dargoon stuff because of my longing to work on my own mech story that is heavily influenced by it. So, with that inspiration I set to trying to do some more abstract ancient and alien looking x-men but only scratched the surface... I like the result but it's far too neon than what I had intended.

A few days before that I'd done a simple bunch of busts from the beloved Venture Bros series after I had seen all of season 3. The characters are very fun to draw.

In other news, I made it into the Udon Darkstalkers Tribute book! So please look for my contribution when it comes out around the end of summer.


Yassir said...

very cool sketches , I like them

Cheeks said...

these look fantastic!

Gingashi said...

thanks guys! That means a lot to me! :D

dae lee said...

oh you made it into the artbook! can't wait to see!

i haven't been drawing anything stylized in a long while...i'm still trying to combine my manga and traditional senses.

Y.K. said...

I love your X-men character drawings!