Thursday, June 5, 2008

spiral bound pad

These are some of the first sketches during the development of Moth and Vaitea. Moth hasn't changed around much although his facial features waver too much for my liking between drawings (not counting different expressions which call for variation). Vaitea was a tough one for me because I really liked the first sketch I ever made of her (not shown here). I tried to replicate that look in later drawings without having a reference but it didn't look right... usually I'm pretty good with remembering my characters' designs but she eluded me. I finally pulled that first sketch out and made a good enough copy of it in my sketch book... the full body drawing of her next to the heads is that sketch. The heads there are me experimenting with different looks.

I want to stay true to the idea that Vaitea doesn't have a stereo-typical comic-book female body... but she is still pretty. I have to try hard to keep her proportions together in every pose... its tough because its so easy to draw the generic and proportional female when sketching quickly. She has larger hips and legs, but they are short not long and thin. She doesn't have a large chest. She has to have just the right head size- otherwise she'll look like a kid. I'm still getting a feel for her eyes and nose, on how large or small to make them.

Hope you guys liked the drawings. I feel pretty good about their designs but their "souls" need to develop!

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Mayshing said...

love the paper wings.