Thursday, June 12, 2008

hey there Herschel

1) standing full-body portrait.

I decided to make his lab coat a lab jacket... ??? (just cut off the sleeves and lower half) Does that defeat the purpose of a lab coat? Ah... well...

he is a quirky guy to begin with.

2) This is a concept portrait of Moth's boss, Herschel, the lepidopterist and bar owner. As he is a scientist, I stayed along the tradition of making him older and have some kind of facial hair (let's people get him more easily, with the lab coat especially, and the appearance implies experience), but I wanted to add some fun twist with having bright red hair rather than gray, and a mohawk-ish cut (it droops a bit to one side). I hope its neat!

Herschel is a quiet and kind person with a warm smile (although the mustache hides it a lot). He's kind of weird in that when you talk to him, he'll seem distracted and will tend to look past you at other things even though he is listening and responding clearly. Ironically, when he does meet eyes with people, he will gaze intently... making them feel awkward.

p.s.- he has a small bump on his forehead... just a benign skin imperfection. People tend to look at it. He doesn't care though.

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