Thursday, June 19, 2008

moth trio shot

After seeing some kick ass artwork I just had to try my hand at a painterly group shot. I started with Herschel and the rest of the image grew from there, with Vaitea and Moth going on top. This one took 4 hours, and was a lot of fun to create.


dae lee said...

i love all the stuff you're doing for moth

i love how full-throttle you're going at this project. makes me want to make more kalbi stuff P:

dwh said...

MOTH looks very interesting! I've been reading a sick amount of manga lately and found some surprising professions to be the most compelling (conductor, sports wear salesman, window washer, ex-conman, etc). Can't wait to see the story here!

Mayshing said...

about your reply:
actually... I did more than sketches. I practically made a new story while down there for 1 week. But of course, everything about that story is completely rough and can go through some changes. :)

Eric Orchard said...

Wonderful work!