Friday, January 18, 2008

To arms!

Are you guys getting tired of my dolled up renders? I kind of am. With not so much as two months still left for thesis I am working on getting shaders and textures done so I can render the front animation portions while still being able to move forward with the animations. Since I am focusing on the environment for the time being I still won't show any animations yet- but I thank you guys who did get to see what I have in the labs and whom all gave kind feedback and constructive input! I am pretty much done with the animation of the civillian side of things (the whole intro being their everyday-sides first)- so it's up to the heroe-sides to finish the job now. Just Keith is left to be finished with blendshapes and weighting then the whole team is golden. And... an egg... one vicious alien-laser-spewing-egg is looming over me. After I complete the environment's textures I'll finish up the characters' textures too... gotta get to some test renders quick to debug if need be.

Anyhow- up there are three more further developed concept/renders to close in on just how exactly I want this intangible-amorphous thing to finally look. But- as we all know, the word "final" is nowhere near these images either, but it's certainly more than the starters I had when I first made this blog! Cheers to progress~ of any kind, big and small! Since these were just mock ups, I just used old renders of the characters and so those are not the latest of the models (sorry). Only the town is updated there.

Winter break was lovely- oh so lovely, but no more. To arms brothers~ let's go slay some monster theses! ("thesis" in plural form, I have just learned from, is "theses"... but I still like to blurt out thesisisiss or thesiIIiiii...)

-later all, lemme know what you think of the LOOK! W.I.P. look mind you~

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dwh said...

Yay, an update! Hope your long weekend was great. Mine was busy, but left me with a bit of insomnia so I'll try to comment.

Everything is looking great, I especially like the texture updates on Sam and the environment. Thematically they go well together. Keith's costume texture looks great too. Since these aren't the most recent models, I won't say much about Read, but I think you already did it in one of your other posts (gave her smaller and less square shoulder-pads).

The juxtaposition of various elements is a theme throughout! Sam's a great contrast of colors bright and brown. Keith of different proportions. Read of shapes smooth/round and sharp/pointy. All nice.

The total piece will do something similar between the characters/action and the environment flashy v. subtle, new v. old, action v. static, etc. I'm continually impressed and pleased! ^_^ Keep up the good work and can't wait to see more!