Monday, January 21, 2008

ants in pants in rants

Working better and better as the mind sharpens towards the goal... blurry, but getting clearer. Concentration... need to level up in that. The age old battle between what one feels like doing (drawing cartoons) and what one should be doing (thesis) has been at it again but I will try my best to prioritize. After a better and slightly longer work day than yesterday, I ended it with a doodle (well, I need that outlet right?). The convoluted background is a slightly more updated render with shop signs! Don't mind my doodles all over the picture... I was actually trying out to see what colors and additional models/elements may be needed, like giant satellite dishes!... ???

p.s.- I still think some sort of 2d animation elements would be amazing for this thesis. But that's just a whiff of a thought- gotta focus on my 3d right now!


wtCrossing said...

Sweet dish and is that a rooster? maybe you can animate more window silhouettes in the windows might be some nice icing on the cake =]

DaveHan said...

cool doodle, i like the colors used, and the satellite is a pretty neat idea! maybe you should go along with it. =d
yes, its extremely hard to put aside what we'd like to do and work on thesis. but i think we've been doing a pretty good job, thus far. Much better than when we first came back from break, that's for sure. o__o;;