Monday, November 19, 2007

Hello Earth

I watched Tekkonkinkreet after I got it and I really love it! What a treat and what a great way to get more inspired. I also watched the extras, and the extras on the Paprika dvd and both have helped a lot in firing me up. So today in response to this positive energy I worked on some tests. I tried out some textures with the buildings, and also had fun experimenting with compositing- to give myself a feel for how the character may look with the painterly background. From the tests I've determined that the painted textures route is a really good route to go. This image isn't a cg painting. The background is a render, and the character is also a render but from a separate scene, and I comped the two together. The only painting that was done was additional clouds and dust, some post lighting and color treatments, and I lightened Keith's mustache a bit. For a test I'm very pleased with the results, and I look forward to getting to the official stuff! Note once again, this is just a w.i.p. test, so things will definitely change~ cool!


dae lee said...
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dae lee said...

the shot looks so natural--brilliant!
i've yet to see the kinkreet extras,
hope i get as much out of it as you did :U
your guy's thesis is really coming alive, amazing man
hope you have an awesome break!

DaveH said...

Even though Tekkon was odd, I did like the backgrounds, the flexibility of the character designs (able to age, scar, dress differently, etc. without being unrecognizable), and the animation when things moved. I think it's as good an influence as any!

Christine said...

looking so good. :D Keep it up.

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