Saturday, November 1, 2008


This is an idea I came up with in August, which takes two Batman villains story and design and combines them into one single character. It was a lot of fun to create and got a great response from artists on Deviant Art... that really made me happy! Maybe one day I can officially create a story like this... working in DC... and Marvel... and my own comics... and become a big hit! uhm, in my dreams so far- haha!

Here are the names of each villain:

If you're interested in the little bios or comments I wrote for them, please go to my deviant art gallery!
DA Gallery

You know... in keeping a blog, it feels a little redundant posting on DA and on here, but I'll still try posting some sketch work here in the future... development stuff like I did with thesis. I want to continue doing that with Moth, but I'll need to continue working on Moth in the first place... it's been on hold with all the latest artwork I've been doing that's just so much fun and none of the stress. Moth is fun, but man, doing a single page is so daunting and draining, haven't gotten able to work on it in a flow yet. At work, it's crunch time... but just a little longer- I can make it though!!! Then, maybe I'll have time to focus on Moth. :)

-and to anyone who actually reads this thing, thanks for the support on the last entry on the Nicktoons voting!


Cheeks said...

Amazing work you have here! your designs are stellar!

dwh said...

My brother is so awesome... ^_^

Can't wait to show you my flash animation... not that it's good, just that it's my first effort. :)

wtCrossing said...

absolutely steller work man. That thorn whip. OUCH. really beautifully beautifully done. Please do try and keep posting here for i do not check the DA !

Gingashi said...

Wow- thanks cheeks! That means so much to me, I can't even describe it!

Thanks bro- I look forward to your animation, I know it'll have your awesome story spinning skills in it.

Will, thank ya! Because of that note, I'll contine to post my work here too for you. :)