Wednesday, November 12, 2008


While it was crunch time last week at work I managed to do some fun coloring of some older sketches I had from September. The idea in the third picture was to make Nightcrawler look older with grey hair and a beard. Hope it works!

Oct 29th, 2008 - and let's go back in time even further with more sketches.

Though it's not time yet, back on DA I wanted to thank people for their awesome support. I couldn't thank everyone so I went the way of first come first serve for five free sketches. They could request any superhero, and I'd try my hand at it. It's also a good transition into eventually doing some commissions!

Here's the description for that creepy Batman one:

"Now this isn't to be unfair or anything, but I just had to ink this one. She asked me to draw the 1966's tv show Batman. I did a few sketches of his normal Adam West body shape with some goofy poses and expressions, but in the end I just wanted to draw a buff Batman with the 1966 look... and smiling... plus some love handles!

The Batman symbol was totally small and in the middle like that on the show, that's not a mistake- but the hands I drew are horrendous. As for the not shaded cape, it's a compositional thing... I like the balance the picture has with just a few black areas.

p.s.-The black was colored with washable crayola marker..."

It was really fun drawing these, and the recipients liked them!


dwh said...

Loved your SF work on DA.
Have you seen this?
See you next week! ^_^

Cabbagethief said...
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Cabbagethief said...

Awesome work man. Your batman villian hybrid series came out really great. I especially love the Poison cat and the penguin freeze. Anyway glad I finally found your blog. I envy how quickly you produce these things.


DaveHan said...

All of these drawings are awesome...I especially like the Storm and Spawn pictures. And the Batman picture is just plain fun, haha

Gingashi said...

thanks bro, and see ya soon! I haven't watched that movie before but I've heard of it- looks interesting.

Hey Aleth- thanks so much for dropping by and for your compliments, I appreciate it! I envy the work you do actually- haha. Glad you like the stuff here.

Thanks Dave! That Batman is something else- haha.