Monday, September 22, 2008

sketches go!

This is a new character of mine, based on an old one I also named "Kiga". This one is themed more with space and the future. He looks just about the right age, later on I ended up drawing him older- but I kinda wish to stay in these proportions.

In his hand is a trusy runegun!

Kiga has a gooey plasma gauntlet that works as a shield most of the time, but right now he's charging it up for an offensive attack. HOMING LASERS! Just kidding, but it's something like that.

By the way, I wanted him to have a sort of silly haircut. It's like an old-school prince.

The blade is ready for action!... and so are his pretty hair beads.

This time I wrapped the jacket around the waist.

There is the plasma arm in creature form, and then when it's wrapping on his arm. Once it's settled, it's shaped in a three finger style- like ninja turtles.

I think that's more of a yo yo... but let's pretend it's an ancient top that you need to pull a cord to get it going fast on the ground. Besides entertainment, he also uses it to fight!

random doodle page to warm up.

I was thinking the dad cut his son's hair like his own hair, but on the other hand...
what if the son had cut his hair like that playing with scissors, and so the dad cut his hair like that too to try and make his son feel better?

left: A sharpshooter! Despite what the line work may suggest, she's wearing jeans and a white shirt, not some vinyl thing.

right: Scary switchblade gran... "Melinda". Moth and Vaitea have to talk to her at one point, it's very unnerving.

some fellows and a gal in the Moth world style. Since I want to make sure even the background people are interesting, there really is no end to who can be included! Well, as long as the focus doesn't detract too much from the main characters of course.

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dwh said...

Wow, love the Moth sketches and the Kiga character is very interesting. Gauntlet characters are always very cool!