Tuesday, February 8, 2011

classic car robo

it was during one of those starting to wake up but still dreaming moments... I wanted to draw something like this.

I especially wanted to draw this one- but the robo turned out pretty different than what I imagined. I still like the result though. Now that's outta the way. haha.


Hollywood said...

Pffft. You'd never make it as a transformer designer for the new movies. Your designs are too strong and clean. You might want to think about adding random shards of glass and metal to your bots to make them cooler.

David Han said...

very cool designs... definitely prefer these over the "what the hell is going on on my body" designs for the transformer movies

dwh said...

Wish my Mustang models transformed! I'd get that toy in a heartbeat.

Re: The Model-T, reminds me of this


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