Friday, September 28, 2007

Heroes GO !

So I wanted my thesis to be composed of action and comedy. Action for the fast shots, dynamic camera angles, and character animations; comedy for a fun atmosphere and for any humor that will hopefully stick in viewers' minds better than action which is harder to remember. On top of that I really would like to experiment, having interesting and diverse visual styles and effects for this thesis. With all that in mind I decided I'd go for the good ol' super hero genre- specifically the super sentai type. "Henshin a go go baby!" ~ Viewtiful Joe.

The main characters are a construction worker, a skinny emo guy, and a librarian. Just wanted to go the other way than have all fit youngsters. Below are their hero forms! These are all concept arts, so colors and designs may adjust, but they are for the most part the final designs as I already went through a thorough conceptual phase (I may post some of the past sketches sometime). Hope ya like 'em! I've grown quite fond of these guys!

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David Han said...

these characters should be turned into action figures. XD